Experiencing viewport lag in v6, anyone else?

I’m using a nvidia m6000 with rhino v6sr11 on a i9 machine. We are trying to debug a potential lag issue and are trying to see if it’s a local or widespread issue.

to test, open any scene in wireframe, run the turntable command. Does it stop, hang, stutter or not perform smoothly? let us know with your systeminfo (type systeminfo in the command line and past your config below) .

thanks in advance.

Hi Kyle - does it matter if Properties is open? That thing has to update the camera numbers as it goes and I wonder if there is a bottle-neck there? TestMaxSpeed does not update the numbers…


nope, both turntable and -testmaxspeed lag with properties open or closed.

Hm - it behaves so far here (Turntable) on a P4000.


i’m on a m6000…should have zero issues…but yet here we are. been debugging with jeff the last few days,

It’s all in the wrist.


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