Experiences using export pipelines using Marvelous Designer into Rhino?


I am trying to bring in a mesh that is highly triangulated into Rhino and am trying to turn it into a 3DM polysurface from Marvelous Designer so that I can have grasshopper subdivide the surface when I set it. When I quadrangulated the mesh it was still very refined and small. Does anyone have any solutions or experience with a Marvelous Designer to Rhino 7 to Grasshopper workflow or pipeline and how they navigated it?

I brought the file below.

Hi Mikael -

Could you explain what you mean with “set it”?
Why not just leaving the mesh as a mesh?

Sorry, what I mean by that is the poly surface I select in Rhino can be set it as a single geometry as a surface node in grasshopper, to run it through an algorithm like a surface divide.

Like this:

Hi Mikael -
The topology of a single NURBS surface is a rectangle. An organic shape like you have shown in your picture can’t be represented by a single surface. Organic shapes are best represented using meshes and you should look into a workflow that involves meshes.

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