Expanded Document Properties

Hello, I’ve got a set of questions regarding Document Properties and file Authentication.

Is it possible to get an expanded log or access further file meta data beyond the created by, last saved and revision number count?

Furthermore, are there any known issues, bugs or caveats to the created by signature and date? How is this generated, or what is it pulling from to generate this signature?

Depending on the answers to the questions above, is there a recommended workflow, protocol, plugin or a rhino ’ plays well with’ third party app that would provide a deeper level of file authentication or at the very least expanded file history data?

@dale - Is this somerthing you can help with?


What other data are you looking for?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

I am looking for a log for each save, a computer / author signature and date.

Is there any other data that is being pulled that can be accessible?

Hi Dale and or Pascal,

This issue is a bit more sensitive for a public forum. Is it possible to move this into a email chain or a private forum to explain the situation in more clear terms?

Hi @ss1,

Your welcome to contact Pascal or I privately. However, the it’s doubtful the information your looking for is tracked by Rhino. Additional meta would need to be provided by a plug-in.

– Dale

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