Exif image data extraction; orientation

Is there a way to extract orientation information from exif file in images using mosquito or other apps?

I am using the GP-E2 GPS+Orientation with my camera so the orientation info should be accessible.

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Assuming you are using Windows, extracting file-metadata is not as easy as it should be. You’ll need to access shell32.dll for it. I’m sure you can find example code on stack overflow etc. But it requires advanced coding knowledge, in order to deal with windows api.

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This can be done as batch processing using CPython but I don’t know a way to do it using Ironpython (directly inside Rhino).

The batch could theoretically be launched from inside Rhino using the Python subprocess module. Let me know if you would like more information about this option.


Thanks for your suggestions,

Found a very good module for doing this outside of python, piexif, I found a work around by exporting the needed data in csv and then reading it in grasshopper as needed.

I believe piexif works with iron python so it would be neat if it could be wrapped as a component.

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