Excruciatingly slow with per face color on polysurface

This is near impossible to work with (and we actually switched to 3D Studio Max instead):

  • Before I filmed it, the selection brush was crawling even slower.
  • Changing the actual display color takes yet another few seconds.
  • The moment the first per face color was added, the entire document framerate was permanently reduced from a smooth 60 to perhaps 5-15 (and fans going full tilt).
  • The file is imported from Catia (via Solidworks) and into Rhino. It’s sensitive customer file and due to the nature of the project, I don’t think I’ll ever get permission to share it.

I’m using Rhino 7 SR8 on a HP Zbook Studio G7 using the HP approved CAD drivers.

(I swear I’ve seen other threads about this, but can’t find them right now so if a moderator can merge this with the appropriate thread, I’d appreciate it.)

I think this was tuned up for SR9:

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Great, looking forward to testing 7.9 then!