Excellent Rhino training

Infinite Skills had the best Rhino 4 training I have seen and now they have some excellent Rhino 5 training.

You can subscribe for $25/month and cancel at any time.

Hmm, I question whether I should be flagging this as advertising… Is there a reason why I should not?

(I don’t question the validity of the statement, simply the fact that it is in its own thread and contains prices etc…)


Hi Mitch, I haven’t done much on the Rhino forums (I use to post more on the newsgroup) so I’m not familiar how it is organized.

It’s hard to find good comprehensive and structured Rhino training, but this is changing (thankfully). I just wanted to make other Rhino users aware of this good resource.

Rhino 5 is amazing!!!

P.S.> I could edit the price/month out of the first message if you think it would be better.

Hi Bill,

The reason I didn’t flag it immediately is that I remember you from the old newsgroup and I know you’re not a spam poster.

I’m not going to flag anything and I’ll leave it up to @pascal if McNeel wants to do anything about this thread.

In general things in here are fairly like the old newsgroup, but with some more modern tools…

Wait 'till you see Rhino 6!


Hi Mitch, I also remember you from the newsgroup. You have always been very helpful (much appreciated!).

At what stage is the Rhino 6 WIP?

Rolling right along, have to admit I haven’t used it all that much so far (compatibility) but some cool new stuff is being added… --Mitch