Excel xyz to wave graph

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I want to import the data from Excel to Rhino, so as to create a wave graph (as shown in the figure) for representation. What I think is to import those points and then use patch command to generate the graph. However, I am confusing isn’t that work and hence I have two questions about it:

  1. Is there any plugin for doing this stuff? (import excel and generate points)

  2. Is “patch” able to generate the wave graph?

Attached is the excel file and the wave graph

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xyz to wave.xlsx.zip (7.1 KB)

Yes this is pretty simple using either the excel tools from the Lunchbox or TT Toolbox Plugins.

The excel you uploaded didnt seem complete enough for making a surface, but there are many ways you could do this. Patch may work but I would probably use something like delaunay meshes.

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Hi @Ryan_Whitby

Thanks for the suggestion. Are you using Lunchbox in the figure? I am wondering if I want to visualize data with its location (longitude and latitude), is there any plugin can do it?


Yes Lunchbox should work fine. There maybe a plugin that converts geographic coordinates to points but you could make a definition with native components using a little trig. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1185408/converting-from-longitude-latitude-to-cartesian-coordinates

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Thank you very much, Ryan.