Excel to Rhino

Hi everyone – I’m trying to import a table in an excel file onto a layout in Rhino, and I’d like it to be easily reloadable so that when I change something in the excel file, I can simply update the link or image without having to re-place/re-size the table in Rhino.

As far as I know that’s that native in Rhino, and I haven’t been able to find a good plugin that works. I found one that would be perfect but I’ve been having issues with reloading my tables – there seem to be bugs (Tables | Food4Rhino).

Does anyone have any ideas?

Maybe @TOMKOD-Matthieu could help here.

Hi @cpett19,
As answered at Food4Rhino, you seem to have a small bug, but we will gladly work on a fix if you send us enough information to replicate the problem.

Hi, does it happen every time or only for one specific table?
The plugin is storing some data in the Block Definition’s “Description” field, it seems that in your particular case retrieving this data somehow fails.
Could you submit a support ticket at www.tomkod.com/support, with a rhino file attached for testing? We will investigate the issue and if possible release an update.
Meanwhile, I can only recommend you remove/re-insert the table when you need to reload.

Best regards


After playing around I figured out what causes the error, and it should be reproducible. For some reason, the error appears when you have a block on a layout.

I discovered this when I test your plugin in a blank file and the reload worked perfectly. So I started to delete things in my working file and the reload worked too. After that I just systematically deleted things until I found out what was causing the error. I then reproduced this in the blank file. I turned a group of curves into a block on a new layout and the error appeared when I tried to reload.

EDIT: Actually it’s having a block anywhere in the file causes this error.

Thank you @cpett19 for your pointers, I’ve successfully reproduced the bug.
Actually, this error message doesn’t even prevent the command to reload the tables, it’s just that it shouldn’t be there.
(To be more detailed, the code tries to read some “table” data from every block instance, and when it succeeds the table is reloaded. We forgot to add a silent attribute to prevent an error to be shown when another block exists)

The fix is going to be ready in a few minutes.

EDIT: The new release is available, you can update from Rhino’s package manager or download our installer.
I’ve fixed two other bugs at the same time.

v3.3.6 (22 oct 2021)
Fixed: [TableImport] Crash when some intermediate row were null
Fixed: Memory leak while reading excel files with empty rows
Fixed: Error message with the _TablesReload_ command when there is another block in the model.