Everything you want to know about cloud farms - A free webinar by GarageFarm.NET

Hi guys!

Mike from GarageFarm.NET here :blush:.

I would like to invite you to an upcoming event.

Everything you want to know about cloud farms (but you are afraid to ask) - A free webinar by GarageFarm.NET

  • Do you struggle with long render times, but are worried about using online render farms?
  • Do your deadlines bite at your heels like unrelenting feral dogs from the very bowels of the abyss?
  • Are you afraid of the learning curve, cost, or unpredictability of sending off projects to a render farm service?

If the answer is yes to any one of these questions, breathe easy!

During the 1 hour presentation:

  • We will share with you our knowledge and tips on how to use rendering farms.
  • Professional render wranglers will answer all your questions live.
  • We will briefly present the solutions offered by GarageFarm.NET.

You will learn:

  • What is an online render farm?
  • What are the different models of online rendering farms? What are their pros and cons?
  • What are the steps of the rendering process on the farm?
  • What are the common problems in using a third-party render farm and how to avoid them?

Sign up for the webinar and learn everything you wanted to know about cloud render farms! - Sign up here!

The livestream is going to be held on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 4PM (UTC+0)

See you there guys!

will garage farm or any other render farm every be able to handle just the rhino engine? Or does it always need to be paired up with some plugin like Vray?