Everything vanishing in Rhino 7

Hi All.
I haven´t been able to replicate and nothing pops up in the forum search.
I´m working with a 2d file that goes to a fairly small grasshopper definition.
The thing is that when I move sliders or also some other changes in the GH def I can´t pinpoint, the display in Rhino goes empty. Everything vanishes except the “Text to screen” objects from the GH def.
The thing is Rhino says I can still select objects and operate on them but blind!

~I save the fil and reopen it and everything is there (even objects I copied while blind)
It is all very strange…~

Correction: I reopened the last file and everything is gone…

I moved this to the Grasshopper category.
You’ll probably need to post your GH file

Thanks @John_Brock. I can´t post the file because is subject to work confidentiality but I´ll try to replicate the problem. I had some large 2d files referenced also and the display/preview of GH was acting also very strange…

Common practice is to post a simplified file with the sensitive information removed, generally not difficult. Otherwise makes it difficult to help.

I copied the exact same GH file and did another 3dm file to insert it and as much I as i try, the problem doesn´t show in this copy but keeps appearing in the other one. I guess it must come from the inserted 3dm file. If I can replicate the problem in some “non compromising” way I´ll post again.

Perhaps different unit tolerance settings?

Will try out. Thanks!