Everything fixed but "naked edge points"

I have repaired a bad object (Check 02.igs) from the McNeel LEvel2 Manual by recreating surfaces and joining edges, Except, that is, for a few points Showedges displays at five different intersections, all where edges where joined as part of the repair. It’s not evident what the issue is, as zooming into them doesn’t show any gap or other obvious imperfection. Not sure what if anything needs to be done to correct this object, the entirety of which now selects under selbadobjects. (Not sure how to interpret check error messages. Clearly that’s for more advanced users…)

Check 02.3dm (1.1 MB)

Hello - in V5 use the test command


(Does not autocomplete, type the whole thing.

In v6 this is a real command



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Those are certainly the magic words, Pascal. Could those unrepaired entities cause downstream errors?