Every segment as an extra geometry


i want to have every segment as an extra geometry. Can someone help me please?

every Segment extra .gh (38.2 KB)

Like this? When you move something it moves a copy. you can put a series into the move if you want lots of copies stacked.

Also you Sublist is not working because it needs a Domain Such as 0 to 3 if you want to use a list of item indices use list item. Also note if you zoom in on list item you can add more outputs for the other numbers . Depending on what you want to solid union together you may need to graft the parts so when they go into the union they go in as groups and not as one long list

sorry, i don´t need a move i need all geometry in the circle (look at the picture upstairs) after baked single

the solid union should be between the thin and the big part oft one segment

Ah ok, try this.

Note the Tree branch is just there to show you one segment that is made of both parts.

Code attached too. every Segment extra-MG EDIT.gh (59.4 KB)

sorry for my bad conversation. But you understood thank you very much for your help exactly that is what i need :sunglasses: