Events fired during/after input?

Does Rhino have Events comparable to AutoCAD’s Editor.PromptingForDistance, .PromptingForAngle, .PromptingForPoint? I can’t seem to find anything in the RhinoCommon docs. Am I missing a Rhino.Input.(Custom).GettingPoint or something?

I’d like to modify a plug-ins UI based on the current Rhino command requirement.

Rhino does not work that way I think… You write a command in which you specify the command input flow. Take a look at the sample code here to get an idea of what is possible.

What do you need these events for?

I did look through those samples but didn’t find anything pertinent right off the bat. I’ll look again.

The overall objective is to make numeric input more “Touch” friendly.

During an architectural survey, for instance, a MS Surface user could input numeric data via just a thumb. The thumb accessible real estate on the screen is relatively small so I’d like to add and remove elements on demand.

A GetDistance (Metric/English) prompt requires slightly different input that, say, GetAngle (Degrees/Radians/Gradians/DMS)

. AutoCAD provides the differentiated Events - I’m hoping Rhino does as well.

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I see. And you would like that to work with stock Rhino commands? Because you can do anything you want with commands you make yourself, but augmenting existing commands is not possible AFAIK.

Yes, the goal for this particular project is to work with stock Rhino commands. Specifically to simplify input.

At a desktop, with a mouse and full keyboard, I don’t have any complaints. I start seeing some “input” issues when I go out in the field - where even working with a laptop (without dedicated numeric keypad) makes input less than fluid. With a tablet, especially held in two hands while walking around, input becomes rather annoying.

The Surface pen does not help all that much.

I think a morphable UI, in the thumb’s sweet spot, could really help in this regard. The Input Events would signal the Plugin/Numberpad to switch elements to more pertinent buttons/functions.

@dale In case you don’t notice this thread on your own.

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Hi Sean,

No, Rhino does not provide an event that notifies when it is starting a “get” event.

Are you just looking to modify the prompt, or is there more?

– Dale

I wouldn’t need to modify the prompt necessarily, just modify the numeric input UI that I have in mind.

The general gist of that UI layout would be to collect all likely buttons within easy reach of the right thumb for easy use of Rhino - on a tablet - while walking around. Probably not a common scenario, but who knows? In some industries it may become the norm.

I had hoped to register for events that would allow this compact, efficient UI to switch out buttons whilst going from The GetDistance Feet/Inches/Fractions to Decimal Degrees. That would be all I’d need for my field work. Other industries may need to morph a UI from Decimal Feet to say Degrees as Degrees/Minutes/Seconds.

The lack of Events isn’t a major problem. I’ll just dedicate a button to a UI switch. If the events were available, though, I would have taken advantage of them.

Thanks everyone. Great forum.