Evaluation Version Won't Open

I’ve just installed the evaluation version, but when I click the icon nothing happens. I’ve tried the “Run as administrator” option, with the same result.

I see you created a Rhino Account, and I see we sent you a 90-day license key.
That key has not yet been either added stand-alone, or added to your Personal licenses in the Cloud Zoo.
When you start Rhino V6, it should pop up a message asking you to Login, or enter a license key.

Is it possible your Windows system is between updates and is waiting to be rebooted?

As I said in my original post, when I start the program nothing happens. That being the case, I won’t get a message to login or enter a licence key.

No, my Windows system is not between updates.

If you use the Windows Cortana Search tool by the start button, can you find Rhino 6 in Safe Mode?

See if you can start Rhino that way.
Safe Mode is a troubleshooting mode that blocks OpenGL graphics and third-party plug-ins. Since it’s a new Eval, plug-ins are not likely.
It is most probably that your display adapter drivers are old and buggy, or you have an unsupported adapter.

In Windows’ Device Manager > Display adapters, what adapters do you have? There may be two.
Check their properties and see what the date of the drivers are.
How old are they?

It turns out that the display adapter driver needed updating.

According to Windows the driver was up to date. However, I went to the manufacturer’s website and it turns out that it was in fact out of date.

Thanks for your help, it’s much appreciated.

I’ve never found Windows was correct with it came to checking for drivers. I have no idea why it’s so useless.
I always check the chip maker’s site first, and I do not trust their tools for automatic checking either. I look up my model card manually.

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