Evaluation License expired too soon

One of my students said their license has expired and we just started the new trimester. What can I advise?

If it’s been 90-days, they should purchase a license.
If it’s only 30 days into a 90-day eval using single computer licensing, then they should run the ValidateLicense command in Rhino and complete it to get the remainder of their 90-day time period. They will be asked for their local Admin password to save the license validation on their computer.
If they used Cloud Zoo Personal licensing, then none of this can happen.

Hi @John_Brock. This student has installed Rhino for the first time this trimester. It’s been one week only so none of the above should apply. Is there a way McNeel can reset his evaluation period somehow?

Gijs, for licensing issues, please use sales@McNeel.com.

Ok thanks, I’ll forward this to the student in question, thanks

Based on the symptoms you described either that isn’t true or there is more to the story than you know about.
Wim is right.
The student needs to contact McNeel regional support to figure this out.

Yes, I’ve forwarded the message, we’ll see how this goes. He says he installed it for the first time on Tuesday last week and it ran out this week on Wednesday a week later. There is no way for me though to check this.