Evaluate panels on Tweened surfaces (Pufferfish, Lunchbox)


I am trying to put aligned planes on the panels on these tweened surfaces that could be offset in the same direction as to the third picture, away from themselves. I am trying to use the same technique of evaluating the surface but i can’t seem to get the same effect you would get on a singular surface. Is there a way to do this or am i grafting or flattening the wrong parts?

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tween_evaluate.gh (27.4 KB)

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This part is redundant, getting the area centroid of a uniformly scaled geometry from its center would have the same center, no need for the second area.
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You should Graft the surfaces, not the geometry you are getting centroids from.

tween_evaluate_MP.gh (21.4 KB)

Always look at your data trees to see when to graft, flatten, etc. it is very rarely going to work if you don’t understand it and just unknowingly switch them on and off hoping for the best :smiley:

What you had:

What I made it:

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Thank you so much! Yeah, i will have a closer look at this data tree component, ive been struggling a bit turning graft on and off seeing what comes of it, but somehow often getting an acceptable result. This explanation helps a bunch!

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