Evaluate Curve rounding problem (or Number Slider digits problem)



This is maybe problem with the number slider, it has to allow more digits behind the decimal point. at least to match the capabilities of Grasshopper.

hmm, no answer?

I don’t see a question…

Looks to me as everything behaves as expected?

Also the parameter domain has nothing to do with the curve length.

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you don’t need to round since the remap component has a second output called “Clipped”, which prevents remapped numbers being outside of the target domain/interval. This is also known as “clamping”

That also prevents me to get to the end of the interval. It clips at the last value before the end. I see that as a problem.

(I don’t have Rhino in front of me now, but I’m pretty sure that was the behavior. Will check later this evening)

Apparently I was mistaken.

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