EVA Foam marine flooring

Good morning,
New member here.
I’m thinking of going into the marine flooring business and have a few questions.
Does Rhino work good with a Prodim Proliner?
Can Rhino be used to design the lines and graphics on the inside of the template so I can send the file to a CNC machine to cut it.
Are there any good links you may have that would help me along?

here is a video where you can see using that tool and Rhino:

I didn’t know that tool existed, is pretty interesting, thanks for the tip.

Thanks Diego,
I got that far, I need to learn how to design the lines inside the template ton get it ready for templating

I think you need to have, a well defined perimeter and then, use the lowest amount of cross sections, like any surface creation, the fewer sections, the smoother result.

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