Euclidean Move Increases Inherited Values by 1


I don’t understand why if the input = 124 values, the output = 125 values with the Euclidian Move command in Grasshopper.

Any ideas?

Could you provide a file to take a look at? Hard to tell just from the screenshots.

Here you go:

Error.3dm (3.7 MB) (23.8 KB)

You have an empty branch in your tree at {0;10;0}, and the extra item you are seeing is the <null> resulting from moving this empty branch.

I see… and how does that happen? Because if you see above I have the same operation going on but I don’t have that empty branch.

It looks like it comes from the brep|brep intersection operation upstream, where some pairs don’t have any intersections.
As it looks like you don’t need the specific tree structure for the later operations, you could avoid the warning by using ‘Clean Tree’ with Remove Empty = True

Got it, thank you!