Etoptimize - how does it work?


I downloaded the product on my quest to get a better looking mesh at low resolutions. etoptimize command has been very successful at achieving this. However, I started using this before I understood how the product worked and that I needed a reference for the command to work to.

So basically, I ran etoptimize (SurfaceCloseness = 1, CurveCloseness = 1, the rest 0) and with no ET reference set at all. Then reduce mesh down to the required polygon count.

From what I understand etoptimize shouldn’t have done anything with no reference to work to, but it appears it has. Can anyone enlighten me on what happens to the mesh when I run etoptimize without a reference?

Thank you,

Hi Paul, please excuse our delayed reply. etOptimize without a reference surface will still optimize for any further optimization goals that may have been activated. Please check the importance values using command etOptionsImportance.