Eto user interface to control grasshopper components

I want to make Eto user interface in rhino to control grasshopper components. Is it possible except using remote control panel?

Is the Eto part important? How easy it is to use the Eto platform depends on what version of Rhino you’re working on.

And what do you mean by ‘control’ exactly? You can modify slider values, even read and set local data of parameters, but some things will be difficult to modify because there is no public api for them.

Thank you

What I mean control is simple such as sending on / off or numerical data to grasshopper.

Depending on where you want this numerical data to end up, it’s going to be either easy (source-less number parameters, panels, sliders, dials, all easy) or really hard (gene pools, cherry pickers, all hard).

None of it has anything to do with Eto, the UI platform is irrelevant when it comes to poking Grasshopper values.

I found another solution.

I misunderstood eto. thank you for youre reply.

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