Eto: pass mouse wheel event from GridView to parent Scrollable

Hello Eto experts,

I have a GridView nested in a Scrollable control. By default, when the GridView contains the cursor, it handles mouse-wheel events. That is, it blocks its parent container from scrolling. Is there a way to prevent this? I want the parent to scroll with the mouse wheel, never the grid.



@curtisw - is this something you can help with?

I would like to follow up on this. I am also looking for a way to solve this.

For later access, this is my current workaround:

var child = new GridView(){...};

public class ScrollHelper
        public static void ScrollParent(Control c)
            if (c == null) return;
            c.MouseWheel += (sender, args) =>
                if (c.Parents == null) return;
                foreach (var p in c.Parents)
                    if (p is Scrollable s)
                        s.ScrollPosition = new Point(s.ScrollPosition.X, 
                            (int) (s.ScrollPosition.Y - (args.Delta.Height * 10)));
                args.Handled = true;