Eto gridview editing breaks in Rhino 7 Beta

I built up a GUI for my plugin in Rhino 6 using Eto forms. Everything works as expected. formExample

The Form consists of a GridView with three columns, text box for adjusting a category name, a color picker to change the associated color, and a number masked text box for entering in the value to be associated with that color. When loaded into the Rhino 7 Beta, the Textbox and NumberMaskedTextBox do not recognize most keyboard input. They accept delete, but from what I can tell all other keyboard input is ignored. I’ve tired disconnecting the bindings to see if any of my additional logic was causing the problem but even without a data binding the behavior persists.

Hi @cullen.sarles,

Does this sound like the issue?

– Dale

Yes exactly, good to see it was already on your radar!

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This bug is still present in the Release version of Rhino, The bug report lists it as fixed, do you have a timeline for when it will be rolled out?


It is fixed in the 7.1 version, which will be rolled out soon.

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I am new to Eto.Forms and I am trying to add a TextBox (taken from the sample here: to the RhinoInside dotnet SampleEtoApp (rhino-developer-samples/rhino.inside/dotnet/SampleEtoApp at 7 · mcneel/rhino-developer-samples · GitHub) but I encounter the same issue (does not recognize any keyboard inputs except for delete):

If I load the plugin in Rhino, it works fine:

I can call the Rhino Plugin from the Eto.App and be happy with that but I was wondering if I am doing something wrong. The other commands I tested (button, combobox and sliders) work fine.

Rhino Version 7 SR21
(7.21.22208.13001, 2022-07-27)

Thank you