Eto grid view how update works?

Hi all,
i made a small script to get a gridview from a tree, but the problem is that i have no idea how achieve the following behaviour.

  1. if the execute is true (using a boolean toogle instead of a button)
    if the dialog is NOT already visible
    close the dialog
    2 .if the dialog is visible
    if the Table input updates
    update the grid view

i have no idea how can i find the dialog after it is created where is this object…i am lost in this topic so help and tips are welcome. (7.3 KB)

Here’s a quick fix. The trick is to put the Eto.Forms in a persistent data holder. (6.7 KB)

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Thanks a lot…at the moment i not really understand your code but i will.
Anyway it works exactly i would like to have…thanks again