Eto forms resolution

I made an eto form to fill the DocumentUserText,
but now I want to finalize it at home, but my workstation at the factory has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 or something like that, but at home, I have a small YOGA lenovo, with a resolution of 1360 x 760 … so when I run the script, the form doesn’t fit on my screen, so I don’t see the Validate button …
how can i return the screen resolution ( i found rs.screensize()), and if it’s not enough, how can i put a cursor on my form?

no idea?

Have you checked this?

that’s no Python, is it?
rs.ScreenSize is Ok for me, for the resolution of my form i found ClientSize, but it return 0 or -1 for the moment (i don’t know why…) and finally i found the scrollable properties of container, but i don’t find any example, i continu my research!!

i search a collapsable solution too, if you have good example, i’ll take!
thank you!

why does:

        self.collapsePanel = forms.DynamicLayout(Visible = False)
        self.collapsePanel.BackgroundColor=drawing.Color.FromArgb(255, 100, 0)
        self.collapsePanel.AddRow(None,"Ligne 1",None)
        self.collapsePanel.AddRow(None, str(screen[0]) + "x" + str(screen[1]),None)

return 0 for Bounds Value?