Eto Forms GridView c#

Hello Rhino Developers, I have a couple of questions regarding GridView in Eto forms (c#).

how can I populate it?
what I tried and didn’t work :

            m_blocksDataGridView = new GridView()
                ShowHeader = true,
                RowHeight = 30,
                AllowMultipleSelection = true,
                AllowColumnReordering = true,
                Size = new Size(500, 200),
                DataStore = data

I also tried this :

List<object> data = new List<object>() { "blockname", "Linked", "of", "3" };
m_blocksDataGridView.DataStore = data;

I can’t see anything in the form I get an empty gridView.

on the other hand, I need to have one of the columns as comboBoxCell. How can I add the options and see them in the form?
Thank you for your help!

This example should help you get started.


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thank you for replying, it helped.