Eto.Forms Equivalent for the C++ SDK?


I’m intending to convert one of my C# plugins to C++ and am looking for a C++ equivalent to Eto.Forms - or at least, be able to produce graphical menus such as the one that appears in the Loft command. Is there a popular library that developers have been using?

Thank you for your help!

Any particular reason to convert from C# to C++?

Mainly out of curiosity: I worked on a C# plug-in a couple years ago but since then my knowledge of C++ has far outclassed what I knew of C#, and much of what I’d like to incorporate into the plug-in is already in C++. It wouldn’t take long for me to learn and make what I’d need in C#, but I’d figured being able to do the same thing in both languages will give me knowledge on when to use one over the other. There is a performance aspect to this as well as this plugin can get slow and I know how to parallelize computations in C++.

Thing is that if you want your plug-in to work also on the Mac you’d better stick to C#.

That said, the C++ GUI of Rhino is implemented using MFC, but we’re gradually moving to C# with Eto for GUI where possible. In that sense it is better to stick with .NET and Eto.

I don’t know of an C++ equivalent of Eto, but maybe Qt may be of some use? I haven’t used it myself in Rhino though.

Ah that’s a good point I hadn’t considered, I didn’t realize Macs couldn’t use C++ plugins! I suppose I would then need to focus more on parallelizing code in C# if I want to boost performance while still maintaining cross compatibility.

As for the GUI, I just wanted to get some nice menus so that I could get away from sequentially inputting several strings on the command line. I could try to make something using qt but I had hoped there would be a more ready-made solution in C++ that looked like the Rhino menus. I tried using OpenTK (OpenGL wrapper for C#) a while back for an entirely different project but its windows wouldn’t open in Rhino, so I wonder if qt would be compatible.

You can always write the core of your plug-in in C++, but then do the GUI part in C# with Eto. You’ll have to do P/Invoke stuff, but it’ll work.

I integrate the Cycles render engine as Raytraced / Rhino Render. Cycles is written in C++, I have some wrapper code, then the integration into Rhino is done with C# and using Eto for all the GUI panels.

This way the render engine works on both Windows and Mac.

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That actually sounds like exactly what I’m looking for: using C++ for performance and C# for the interface. I’ll definitely be looking into P/Invoke and how that works in Rhino, that sounds like a great skill to have! Thank you for that recommendation, I’ll see what I can do with it.

This thread seems like a great place for me to start out.

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