Eto Form - Preview Geometry while Eto is still open

Hello guys,

I created an Eto Window in grasshopper python with a checkbox. Through the checkbox I am selecting specific geometries from my dictionary that I want to preview/Show in Rhino. Before closing the Eto I would like to preview this geometry though but I didn’t manage to find a solution on how to do that. I have a Preview button but for now it doesn’t do anything.
An example in Rhino on how I would like to do it is like the command Rebuild Surface. You make the change, then you press preview to see and then ok to save the changes. I also try to use the ShowSemiModal() so it will be also possible to orbit and rotate in Rhino while the Eto window is open.

Does anyone have an example on how this could work?

Make sure that you are using a modeless form and expire your component on change
See example: Eto Slider Values don't update dynamically with python - #5 by Mahdiyar

what about Rhino.UI.EtoExtensions.ShowSemiModal()?
And is the Rhino.Display.DisplayConduit something I could use for this purpose?