Eto form on chosen monitor

Hi everyone,

I have multiple monitors set up for work and usually have grasshopper and rhino on separate monitors. Every time I click on a custom component in grasshopper that has an eto form pops up, it pops up on the monitor that Rhino is on. It hurts my neck. Is there a way to set these forms to pop up on the same monitor that has Grasshopper on? Thanks in advance

hi @wim , any update on this? I reckon it could be an option in Rhino/Grasshopper setting that applies to all forms?

whoever made that custom component will have to set the owner of that pop-up to the grasshopper editor, rather than rhino app

How do you set up the owner for dynamic layout? I tried to find documents for it but couldn’t see anything helpful. Thanks

Also I still feel like this should be a set up in Rhino/Grasshopper as it is just not natural to click on somewhere, turn around to see the pop up and turn back to click something else. I might be wrong though since no one else has complained about it.

what’s the dynamic layout on? a form or a modal dialog?
set their owner to this:

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Got it working now, thanks!