Eto Form BeginVertical - Spacing and Padding


When I use BeginVertical, it makes the labels and textboxes really close together



layout.BeginVertical(spacing = 10) gives

Message: expected Nullable[Size], got int,

but i thought BeginVertical can take

EndBeginVertical(self: DynamicLayout, padding: Nullable[Padding], spacing: Nullable[Size], xscale: Nullable[bool], yscale: Nullable[bool]) -> DynamicTable

Thanks in advance

Ooh, answering my own question

( i looked everywhere before i posted my question, then it took just another two more searches in the Eto.Forms documentation doc to find the answer! Why! :rofl: )

BeginVertical can take a default spacing, so before layout.BeginVertical() add

    layout.DefaultSpacing = drawing.Size(5,5)
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