ETO Dynamic Layout Resizing Controls (Not updating layout)

Hi, I am having an issue with the dynamic layouts in ETO. I am testing a function where scrolling allows the user to zoom in, scaling all of the custom drawable controls within the layout. However, it appears that the layout only adjusts the position when the scale increases, and when I decrease it the layout doesn’t fully update. Could anyone explain to me what is wrong? I have provided the code as well as a GIF showing the behavior.
ETO_DrawTest (1).py (6.0 KB)

Hi @dks5254

I took a quick stab at replacing the DynamicLayout with a simple TableLayout. The TableLayout has fewer properties and is generally very friendly to work with by comparison.

See if this expands and contracts like what you are hoping for. (5.9 KB)

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That actually does behave exactly how I would like! The only issue is that it seems like it wont contract past the original position. I wonder why that is… Either way totally appreciate this response!

This is happening because your tablelayout is nested inside of a scrollable panel and expanding to the scrollables height and width. This then means the minimum cell width becomes the scrollable width / cell column count.