Eto Dropdown Datastore Insert method does not work on MacOs

Hi all,

When using Eto.Forms.DropDown items in Eto windows, the Datastore.Insert() method does not seem to work on MacOS the same as on WindowsOS?

A simple example on windows (attached): Create a single dropdown, and modify the Datastore using Insert() before displaying it. This all works as expected:

Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 4.13.42 PM

On MacOS though, the identical code does not update the dropdown options:

it does not throw any exception, and there is an Insert() method, it just doesn’t appear to do anything?

the only workaround I have found on MacOS is to set up the list ahead of time (do any insert operations while it is a normal python list`) and then assign the finalized list to the DataStore.

Is there a fix that anyone is aware of to get the normal Insert() to work as expected on both OSs? Any thoughts on why it would not be working as expected on Mac OS?

all the best,
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