Eto CodeEditor readonly mode


I am testing to convert my Windows.Forms or WPF windows to Eto.
I was using AvalonEdit to view the source code.
I only need to visualize, so I set Avalon to Readonly =" True "
but with Eto.CodeEditor I can’t find read-only mode. I found the ʻEnabled` property but when it is set to “False”, I can’t select text, copy it, or use the scroll bar.
I at least need to be able to use scrolling even though we can’t edit the text.

Is it not possible? or am I doing something wrong?
Thank you, jmv

@curtisw - is this anything you know about?

I think @alain would know better about this. Perhaps we need to add a ReadOnly property to the CodeEditor control?

Hi. There is no read only property as of yet but there will be soon. (RH-61165).

Thank you to all of you.