ET Set Reference error

I’m just beginning to work with the Evolute Primer and I’m having difficulties with the ET Set Reference component. I’m on the first example for the primer and when I attempt to set the reference surface I get the following error:

Creating reference mesh…
Error merging vertices of mesh.
CreateUpdateEvoluteReferenceUserData: Error: A problem occured when meshing the reference surface. Please manually mesh it using _Mesh.
Failed to discretize reference geometry.

I tried taking the surface and changing it to a mesh first and then set the reference, but it does not work. I’m using Rhino 5 x64.

Sorry… this has probably been answered already, but I’ll answer my problem myself. I changed the document tolerance and it worked correctly. Thank you!

You are absolutely right, changing the document tolerance is what I would have suggested too.

Unfortunately , I encountered the same problem.How to change the document tolerance?Thx

You can change the document absolute tolerance here:

Tools -> Options -> Document Properties -> Units

Please let us know whether this solves your problem.