Essential Algorithms and Data Structures GH files are missing data


I am trying to make my way through this pdf but the example files are missing data. Most of the objects are either empty (if they are to have a stored value) or have angled stripes in their place.

I am new to all of this and trying to make some progress. I was able to recreate a lot of the data to approximate earlier lessons, but now that I am on chapter 3, things are bit more complicated without being able to follow along with examples of “Advanced Data Trees”.

If I am missing something, please let me know. Also, in the meantime, if anyone has and solid examples of data tree educational material, please do share.

Thank you in advance.


The only things I can think of with angled stripes are panels. They show up with the stripes if they have been disabled.
Simply select them and right click the canvas and select enable. I suspect this might also be an issue with your other components.

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This worked. I had no idea that I had to right click on the canvas. Also, I could not imagine a reason why these would all be disabled, though now it does make some sense. Thank you, Christopher :slight_smile:

Also, I could not imagine a reason why these would all be disabled

People often do this with example or tutorial files that have many examples in them so that your computer doesn’t explode with all those examples solving at the same time as soon as you open the file. It is just a common example file practice for your (the users) benefit.

Hi Michael,

Yes. This does make sense. While I could not originally imagine why they were disabled, now it does make some sense. Up to now, the only Grasshopper examples that I had been using were smaller and ready to go, so this this threw me through a loop. Now, however, I understand completely.

I am really loving this software. I’ve been studying it since quarantine began. Today was my first day applying it toward the intended project. It’s going very well. This could be love.