Esc Key Not Deselecting Rhino WIP

Hi everyone,
Is anyone else experiencing Rhino not deselecting when using the Escape key for the WIP?

I just noticed this and re-programmed the F1 key to _cancel as a workaround.



Do you have Photoshop open? Some versions of Adobe apps seem to have a nasty habit of grabbing control of certain keys from any other Windows program.


That was the trick, thanks. I’v never had that happen before. Is there a fix to that problem that you know of?


Nope, other than my Creative Cloud version of Photoshop doesn’t do it, hasn’t in some time.


Yea, It only does it when I’m using the WIP. Thanks again for the heads up.

Thank you so much…I have been literally pulling out my hair all arvo…Both Illustrator and Photoshop open. Had to restart rhino also. Working again cheers