ErrorMessage: Rhino.Geometry.Brep.CreatePlanarBreps(Rhino.Geometry.Curve) is outdated

I’m a beginner in developing grasshopper components in Visual Studio and I have quite a hard time getting the syntax of the RhinoCommon library right.

I’m trying to use:

public static Brep CreatePlanarBreps(Curve inputLoop)

Using the method, I’ getting the error message:

  1. Warning (CS0618): ‘Rhino.Geometry.Brep.CreatePlanarBreps(Rhino.Geometry.Curve)’ ist veraltet: ‘Use version that takes tolerance as input’ (line 57)

(veraltet means outdated) (6.0 KB)

Sometimes the method works, but I get this error message anyway.
It seems the method I´m using is outdated, but I took the method out of the RhinoCommon library.
I have attached the gh file, including my code definition in C#.
Does anybody know, what I´m doing wrong?
Best wishes,

Use the methods which require a tolerance

Thank you,

Which tolerance did you use? model? page? radians? degrees?

ok i found the answer here