Error with -SaveAs

You have a dialog which comes up with the possibility to enter a “string”. If you give the file a name only (no path), it just winks out and you have no idea if it worked or not… Actually it doesn’t, because if you read the (microscopic) command history line, it says “Directory “(null)” does not exist.” That’s because there is no default working directory supplied as in Windows Rhino apparently.

As a corollary to that, I don’t think it’s very user friendly to have this kind of programmerspeak appearing on the command line and elsewhere… Although I understand it, most people not having done any programming have no idea of what a “string” is or what “null” is supposed to mean…

IMO “string” should be replaced with the appropriate name for what it’s asking for, depending on the request - “File name”, “name”, “text”, etc… Or, the prompt “Value” in the front of the box should be replaced with the description of what is being asked for; then the box can just remain blank.

Thanks, --Mitch

Logged as a bug.

Logged in MR-1009