Error when trying to create GH component on VS 2019

Hello, I have included a capture with the message I get when trying to use the GH template to create custom components. Any ideas to what this is happening? Thanks in advance


And what about opening the file and going to line 44 ?

Just a guess, but could the file path shown be the offending item and the thing that is causing the error be the full stop in 3lm2xwel.nic? That looks to be around 49 characters in.

Did you install it from Manage Extensions and restart VS? In a new project, you should have the GH project template ready to use. It works in VS 2019.

The error is not pointing at the project directory but somewhere in the user Local\Temp files which I have tried to open, however the 3lm2xwel.nlc seems to correspond to an empty folder (hidden items checked). I might try reinstalling VS completely but not sure it will fix the issue.

Hi ,yes I did. Also the project directory is a much simpler one on the C: drive, not sure why is storing anything there in the user Local\Temp…