Error to mirror weavebird surface

I had some trouble making a mirror of this surface and then modifying with weaverbird, this is basically supposed to be a lobed cylinder with spherical caps

I want to make a shape like this to control the number of lobed local radius on the circumference, but I don’t know ho to make this in grasshopper (I made this in rhino) and I don’t know if the weaverbird is the right plugin to make this shape. Is there a way to make this shape with grasshopper in order to control the number of small local radius.
tawara (25.8 KB)

this is the 3d made in rhino

it appears to be an error in the simple mesh component

Im using this shape for a FEA stress simulations, and it appears to be an error with the geometry.

This could be another way you can think instead of using WB… (15.7 KB)

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