Error: 'The User Object could not be created as the base type is missing'

Hi there, just wanting to use Ladybug and Honeybee, but attempted every alternative on Food4Rhino to no success after that failed so I don’t think this is a LB and HB issue:

I’ve got quite a few plug-ins up and running fine in Grasshopper but it seems anything involving Radiation, Sun or Shadow gives me an Error 1.0.0007 - I’m using the most up to date versions of Rhino 6 and Grasshopper.

  • Attempted to use older versions of LB and HB, same error
  • There are no duplicate files in the Libraries or UserObjects folders
  • Everything has been Unblocked pre-Extraction
  • I’ve restarted Rhino with every attempt
  • Sun and Shadows are active within Rhino

And now I’m out of options. The only other thing I know that might be worthy of note is I don’t seem to have a GHPython component in my Maths tab and installing versions for Rhino 5 (can’t find a standalone 2020 version for 6.) doesn’t change that so I feel like somehow my version of Rhino 6 is missing it.

While I can get around in Grasshopper fine for projects, I have almost zero expertise where digging around in the guts is concerned, so careful instructions would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Hi - could you post an example that doesn’t involve LB - HB and fails?

Eve Sun, Heliotrope, Solar Toolbox, Lynx4D, Sunflower and Sunflower for Architects. Same process and error message for all of them