ERROR “Solution exception:Invalid integer literal”

When i am trying to run energy simulation in honeybee i am receiving error “1. Solution exception:Invalid integer literal” i have tried to work through it but i am helpless. PFA screenshot and the code that i wrote to reach to the errorinteger issue.3dm (79.2 KB)
integer (528.6 KB)

At first I was getting the same error. I disconnected the outputs and ran, it was successful (although with a warning). Then reconnected and it worked.

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Really ?

i am really thankful that you replied. after doing what you said i ran the simulation but then i’m receiving the following error about my weather file and i know that the epw file i am inserting in the code is correct because i did ladybug analysis using it.
I’ll be really greatful if you address the issue. Thank you

i am a beginner and i’m trying to use the software for analysis of my college project i really wish to get the results, my failure in doing so will create a big mess for me

Try to make sure the path to that .epw file does not contain any folders with names that have spaces, underscores or any weird characters.

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i am really thankful that the solution you provided helped me through the problem i am still receiving an error “1. The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
** Severe ** Problem in interior solar distribution calculation (CHKBKS)” but at last i am getting some results to process.
Thank you alot.

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