Error saving the file

Hello! I use the Rhino 7 version and when I save any file, the program immediately buries itself and a window appears with a request to technical support. it also sometimes happens that Rhino simply freezes when saving and all options become inactive. Who had similar software errors, please tell me how I can fix them, then the workflow does not continue.

Are you sending in the crash reports?

Can you run SystemInfo in Rhino and copy/paste the results here?

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Please do send in crash reports. Fill out your e-mail address as well, and in the comments section when you get the next crash please post the link to this discussion topic.

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Nathan and Helvetosaur, thank you very much! I did some digging in the settings and now everything is saved.

Perhaps you could share additional details? Nobody likes crashes and specifics of your case could help prevent this one in the future.