Error saving RUI file on V6

Hi All,

I got this message after closing Rhino v6 wip.

Any ideas why?

@JohnM - got an idea what this is?


BTW, I think the problem might be because this is saved in Dropbox? and as soon as I close Rhino Dropbox is trying to sync the file to its server? Anyway, keeping my saved properties in Dropbox is the easiest way to stay in sync between machines, until you offer a per-user Rhino settings sync, but I’m not holding my breath for seeing that in V6.
cc. @JohnM

I also use Dropbox for my .rui, and I get this message also. (Not always though.) But, if I’m not mistaken, despite the error message it does save the file.

In my case it wasn’t saving it. I added s couple of macros on buttons for the one JB I was doing it and they would not stay. I had to do a “save as” and create a new rui file.