Error saving imageCommand:_CommandHistory

I have set up an animation in Bongo using Rhino 5 for Win7 64bit. I rendered my animation using screen display mode to check the timing. Everything was fine.

When I try to render my animation using VRay 2, I get this in the command line:

Command: _Render
Processing light table
Processing geometry table
Command: -_SaveRenderWindowAs
Save file name ( Browse ): "C:\Users\Andrew\Desktop\BAKU VR\BAKU VR_000.JPG"
Image successfully saved as C:\Users\Andrew\Desktop\BAKU VR\BAKU VR_000.JPG
Command: _CloseRenderWindow
Command: _Render
Please wait for the current render to finish
Command: _CloseRenderWindow
Error saving imageCommand: _CommandHistory

The problem is the command line initiates “CloseRenderWindow” before the first frame has finished rendering. And the render goes nowhere!

How can I fix this?

Be sure under visOptions under Global switches in the Misc. section you have Batch render checked.

Sam’s right. Please see:

Thanks Sam and Marika!