Error_Rigid body


I get the error messages below all the time. I tried a lot of things, for example:
largest connected part with the ‘Connected Parts’-component and/or increase the snapping tolerance for neighboring nodes.
remove duplicate points and …

but it doesn’t work. I don’t see, where could be the error. All the lines are connected with each other correctly. Can someone help me?

16.05.20_ Structure (666.4 KB)


We can see some large deformation on your model

And at first glance, some incorect definition with multiple bars.

But the most important thing is that there are too many relaxations in your model
Try to turn off all relaxations on bars and fixed all support in all direction.
Your model will be stable

But some bars ar not connected, as you see below with evertghing fixed (relaxation and support) we can see an non-connected bar on your composite columns.

Try to fix all this problems step by step, by relaesing your bars and support step by step also

Many Thanks :pray: I’ll follow your solutions