Error - "results for these parameter values can not be displayed"


We are getting really weird errors on one of the models that too just for a specific set of parameters only, all other combinations are working well. Need help to find the root cause and resolve this issue.

We can reproduce this issue in Shapediver as well, error message we are seeing is - “We are sorry, results for these parameter values can not be displayed”

For our cross-cap model - ShapeDiver
this is happening only if we select Width_POST = 5.5 and THICKNESS_POST=5.5 all other combinations look


Attached is the screenshot for reference. Please help us to resolve this. Thanks

This is a timeout error when processing of your model exceeds your computational time limit. In most cases, our servers can’t perform an exhaustive checking of all possible parameter sets. Therefore it is possible that model checking succeeds even though some parameter sets take longer than the time limit to compute.

I cleared the cache for this model and it works now which means the issue is not related to the platform but to the performance of your definition. Make sure you optimise your model as I recommended to you earlier and if the timeout errors occur again, consider upgrading your computation time limit.

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Thanks, Pavol for the quick response. We will review all the optimization options suggested by the team. How do we check logs or failure logs in the platform for such scenarios? How do we find out whether its a timeout or something else?

Here is the list of all platform error messages and reasons when they occur.

Also, major plugin and platform upgrades will be rolled out in coming months and you will get better warnings already in Grasshopper. Reporting errors on upload will be improved too.

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Great. thanks