hey there,

I’m trying to edit a larger point cloud (Explode, ExtractPt, …) and get this error repeatedly (see picture). What can I do?


Is your RAM maxed out? Sounds like the pointcloud may be large enough to cause an out of memory crash. Also, how much memory have you allocated to Undo in Options>General?

Thanks for answer.
RAM around 80-95%

I even tried this, but it crashes even…sometimes the whole GUI as well as
(Entered 15000 by 16GB RAM )

Yep, Rhino with eat as much memory as you have and if you get near the max, the whole system could become unresponsive… Maybe you need to add some more RAM…

Wait - you have 15,000 entered in max memory allocated to undos in Options>General? If that figure is correct, that’s not a good idea, it allows Rhino’s undo stack to use up to 15 Gb in a 16 Gb system. I would set it to something more reasonable like 1000 Mb (1 Gb).