Error message when using the function: Contains(x,"Closed Brep")

Simple question, I want to use the evaluate function component to identify whether an object is a closed brep or not but it doesn’t seem to be working. (9.1 KB)
sample brep.3dm (160.3 KB)
Expression generated an error for (x, y): Wrong type of arguments for Function Contains

the Brep component is passing a Brep Geometry to the x variable of the Eval component

if you want to analyze the “textual description” of the Brep output you’ll need to pass it through a Txt parameter or a Panel:

anyways, a Brep that just got referenced is described as “Referenced Brep”, which won’t help in your task of finding if it’s closed or not unless you explode and join it

I would instead go for something like is Polysurface Closed from Putterfish plugin, or similar: just search for “is closed” on the GH search, you might find several alternatives that spit out a True/False value

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Thank you so much again my good friend!

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