Error message when running "Solutions" in Butterfly

Hello people,

I am fairly new to Butterfly and OpenFOAM. I have tried to run simulations on a project, which seems fine in terms of meshing. However, when i run the “Solution”, an error keeps coming up. Translated into English, I would say that it says “The action is not initialized” (see picture).

I have set the “End time” to 1000. When I run the “Solution” in parallel, it makes a 1000 iterations (or so it tells me) and then gives me the error message. When not running in parallel, the simulations stops at about 200 iterations every time with the same error message.

Has anyone stumbled upon this before, and do anyone have a solution on how to fix the problem?

For confidential reasons I am not allowed to upload the Grasshopper file.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You have a much better chance of getting a good answer to this question over at the LB|HB forum:

Thanks @wim. I will give it a try.